The project team is composed of 5 consultancies and 1 energy regulator:

United Kingdom

IT Power Ltd

In addition to the IEE funding from the EU, other co-fundings are taking place :

Parts of this project are also funded by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) (project reference number: 03MAP277)

Other partners

Advisory Group

The RE-DISS project receives comments and advice from selected senior representatives of important stakeholders groups. The Advisory Group is composed of the following people, representing their organisation:

ACERMr Alberto Pototschnik
AIBMr Jan van der Lee
AIBMr Phil Moody
BEUCMr Jörg Mühlenhoff
CDPMr Pedro Faria
EFETMr Jan van Aken
European Renewable Energies Federation (EREF)Ms Fouquet Dörte
European Renewable Energies Federation (EREF)Ms Jana Nysten
RECS InternationalMr Claes Hedenström
RECS InternationalMr Peter Niermeijer
WWF EPOMr Stephan Singer

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